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Sudesh's Story, In His Own Words ...

 "I wanted to compete against the best" 

Sudesh tells his origin story, starting with one of his earliest memories. Learn more about why he became an entrepreneur, how he ended up founding NATEL, and how his past experiences shape his future thinking of the business he has been building for more than 40 years.  

Other Video Appearances
How many people do you need to call to get an answer. At NATEL, we strive for 1 person. Having a single point of contact starts with empowering one person to have all the authority to make a decision. We feel strongly that having two charming and talented people doing the same job is worse for our customers than having one average person who has all of the necessary information to respond promptly and make key decisions. Day-to-day communications at NATEL are channeled through one person, ensuring that all customers priorities are met without interruption to the flow of business. Hear from NATEL leadership on how they live and breathe Single Point of Contact.

We have a saying here that we don’t ship on Fridays. This is a goal, not a law. For 40 years, our CEO has noticed the universal trend that factories rush shipments to meet weekly, quarterly and annual targets, resulting in the “hockey stick.” By focusing on daily shipments instead of weekly, our company is not overstaffed 4 days out of 5 and our employees are not shipping bad parts with sloppy documentation. When you visit our plant, you will not see people rushing around fighting fires to hit shipment numbers. We move more like a duck in a pond: we look steady above the surface and there are a lot of activity happening underwater to keep us gracefully moving forward. In this video, NATEL reveals how the simple act of not shipping on Fridays makes for a more efficient and effective company.

Eliminating waste can be simplified by just watching people walk. Unnecessary motion often has a root cause that touches the entire organization. Many lean companies study motion by measuring steps and distance traveled. But there is an easier way. In this video NATEL describes reveals how we evaluate the simple act of walking to create a more efficient and effective company.

In 2014, NATEL employees recognized and thanked their coworkers for their commitment and help in the past year with both the enterprise-wide roll-out of the NATEL Business System (NBS) and the integration of the EPIC Technologies acquisition. NBS has been a major driver in the success of NATEL EMS, helping employees learn and grow professionally as well as personally.

Our wide range of engineering capabilities provides a one-stop-shop for our customers. We use a hands on collaborative approach to better understand our customer’s needs which enables us to solve their tough engineering challenges. We take pride in helping our customers reduce risk throughout their entire product life cycle. Our people, high performance processes, and reliable quality support our customers in making amazing things happen.

At our Chatsworth HQ, we created a facility to handle Li-Ion module manufacturing for advanced technologies in space and automotive industries. The state-of-the-art equipment and facility investments include a new temperature chamber, walk-in cooler, and a fully automated, hands free double-sided SMT line with modes for single or two-sided production and computer controlled selective solder. These investments help place NATEL in a leading role in this growing technology market.

NATEL’s ERP system has allowed the business to scale from a niche electronics manufacturer to a global EMS company, and gives plenty of flexibly for future customers and acquisitions. Listen to our MIS Manager and COO discuss the value of our tool, an advanced and highly customized version of Epicor software working in conjunction with best-in-class hardware to deliver seamless and accurate data rapidly to the people who need it in Supply Chain Management, Quality, Stock Rooms, Inventory Managers, Finance, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Account Management. NATEL’s disciplined team has achieved greater than 99.9% inventory accuracy.

Our employees know the importance of their work. Too often, people in business see themselves as making a part, a SKU, a purchase order, or a sale. At NATEL, we find it important to regularly speak to our team about the parts they make and their end use. In many situations, lives are on the line and there is no tolerance for failure. Our parts have to work. And they do. And our employees are proud of this.

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